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Our Story

KEY Microfinance Bank Limited (“KMB” or “The Bank” or “The Company”) is a Nationwide Deposit Taking Microfinance Bank (MFB) that is Licensed and Regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya under the Microfinance Act and Regulations (2008). It is also incorporated as a limited company as per the Kenyan Company’s Act. KEY MFB was the first to be licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya from inception as a Deposit Taking Microfinance Bank.

The Bank has been in operation since 2010 and its focus is in growth-oriented SMEs and Individuals, where it seeks to unlock the banking and financing potential which lies therein. KEY MFB offers her customers both Banking Services (i.e. Savings, Current and Investment Accounts) and Credit Services (e.g. SME Financing, Asset Finance, Trade Finance {Bid Bonds, LPO and Invoice Financing}, and Personal Loans among others).

Customers are able to access their accounts at the Bank via Mobile Banking, Agency Banking and ATMs in addition to the branch network.


  • “To provide rewarding financial solutions to our niche markets”


  • “To unlock opportunities for financial growth and prosperity”


  • Integrity and honesty
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Motivated human capital
  • Customer centric
  • Environmental responsibility
Unlock your potential

Key Microfinance Bank will help you unlock your potential.

Our Shareholders

KEY MicroFinance Bank Ltd is backed by a strong shareholding whose ownership is spread across 250 investors with the main aim of empowering the society through mobilizing financial resources from a wide spectrum of depositors with limited investment opportunities and channeling them to high performing, well managed SMEs with the view to scaling them to large businesses to create a successful legacy for current and future generations.

The bank embraces strong governance structure by ensuring the shareholders are well informed of the institution progress during the annual general meeting and through regular shareholders forums.