Savings Products


Taratibu Savings

Taratibu savings targets clients seeking a fair saving solution in order to accumulate funds to meet short term needs.

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Current Account

Any person competent to contract may open an account in his/her own name.

Accounts can be opened for sole proprietorship firms, partnership firms, private limited and public limited companies, Joint Account, trusts, clubs, associates etc.


Fixed Deposits

For those who intend to save for future investment  and  opt to fix lump-sum  amount for specific term and earn interest.

Jipange Savings

Jipange savings targets all clients who intent to save on regular basis for a specific purpose for example wedding, holiday, maternity expenses etc.

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Darubini Students

Targets colleges and universities students in need of a transaction or a savings account to meet their short term and long term needs..

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Lil’ Angel

Lil’ Angel is a product that targets children under the age of 18 years. It is operated by the parents or guardians of the children

Kikundi dhabiti-min

Kikundi Dhabiti

Kikundi Dhabiti is a savings product for group members or chamas who jointly make monthly savings. It mainly targets investment clubs.


Group Loan Guarantee Fund

Group Loan Guarantee fund focuses on the members of a group who intend to use the savings as cash collateral against the loans advanced. In addition, it’s a product aimed at creating discipline among the group members to cultivate a saving culture.

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